Sounds Legit!

We were working for a couple down at their beach house today.  Its no secret that the guy I work for has MS.  So, small talk entails, the Big Guy's health issues are inquired about.  Nothing unusual.  So the lady says, "Hey, I know this faith healer.  You should go see him.  He's really gifted."  She went on to tell him about a guy she knew who had MS and the faith healer got that MS virus right out of him.

Now, if you are about to jump shit over that last little bit, hang on, it gets better.

So she keeps talking about the faith healer guy with glowing praise, and finally she laid out that trump card.  The glorious personal anecdote that completely cemented her claim.

"I had herpes for years, and he cleared it right up!"


I do wonder what her husband thinks about this.

I wonder if he knows about this.

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