Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

Its Friday, April 13, 2012, I'm not buying that Friday the 13th crap, but ask me again at the end of the day, and this is The Side.  This has been one helluva week.  The Missus is in Kansas trying to help her ailing mother.  I'm lucky in that I've got family and good friends to watch the kids while I work.  This hasn't been very easy.

My time of getting my thoughts together and having some quiet time in the car on my commute are gone.  I'm having to roust the poor kids out of bed early and get them dressed and in the car to get to the very nice lady that's watching them and then try to make it to work on time.  So far, I've been doing pretty well at it.  Picking them up after work has gone alright, but with their gymnastics class, and my karate class I haven't gotten by the comic shop.  Maybe tomorrow if I'm lucky.

Its really not so bad as everything is still getting done.  I'm just pretty tired.  Haven't been sleeping too well, but that's pretty much just stress, and to be expected.  I'm not about to beg the Missus to come home because I know she's needed there and I'm glad she was able to get out there.

I was thinking about taking off Saturday, if only to give the kids a break from having to get up so early, but that's likely not in the cards now.  Had an accident on Tuesday, which left the bossman with an arm broken in three places.  He took a fall off a step ladder when part of the deck we were demolishing decided to fall the wrong way and punt the ladder out from under him.  Fortunately he landed on sand, but it was still enough to bust the arm.  Now I'm the muscle for the team.  That's definitely not good.

He sat there for a while on the tailgate of his truck.

"Man.  My ribs hurt.  My arm hurts.  My ankle hurts."

"You know what really sucks?"

"What's that?"

"I have a splinter."

Yeah, I was being a dick to lighten the mood a little, and it worked a bit.  What's kinda galling is that one of our clients has been calling and trying to get his deck replaced in a rush.  He knows my buddy's arm is busted too.  Not sure what he's expecting.  I know we're going to slow down a bit, and that deck replacement is a big job.  Too big right now.  Guy is either going to have to wait or get someone else to do it.  The deck replacement we're doing now is tough enough, and its simple by comparison.

Here's the part that gets me: I know there's a lot of things going on that affect me, but aren't directed right at me.  The mother-in-law is very ill, so i have to span the gap to keep things maintained here.  My buddy broke his arm, so I'm going to have to really be on my game at work.  Its tough, but its understandable.  These are people i care about and that have watched out for me a lot over the years.  I've got no problem at all doing whatever I've got to do to help out.  It just galls me that we're got a client that we've done work for for years and has always seemed real buddy-buddy with us, and now its like he doesn't care that there's an injury, when are we starting his project.

So, it is tough right now, and yes I am a bit cranky, but hopefully I'll be able to sit down this weekend with a nice cup of coffee and some Eggo Waffles and all will be right with my world.


Just like the title said...

That's it for today.  I'll grab my comics and hopefully have some reviews by Sunday.  See y'all then.

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