Conrad has Taste

Whew.  Its Sunday, April 15, 2012, made it through the week, and this is The Side.  yeah, it was a tough one this week, and I'm glad to have a morning where the main thing I've got to worry about is blowing on my coffee to get it the right temperature.  Sure I've got another week of exhaustion ahead of me, but its those little respites that let us keep going.

That includes doing stuff like reading some comics.


Starting off with BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON 9 #8 in which we deal with Buffy not being pregnant, but being a robot.  I know those two things are often confusing.  Buffy and Spike confront Andrew about her being a robot, because, of course, it had to be Andrew.  Detective Dowling is also dealing with the nasty death of his partner during the zompire attack.  He's not coping well at all, and that's actually refreshing.  Very often in the Buffy-verse we see characters adapt to dealing with supernatural threats a bit too easily.  This character is a capable police detective and had knowledge of the existence of the supernatural things that go on, and was still incredibly shaken in the aftermath of losing someone to them and having to fight for his life.  I'd been having trouble remember the guy's name, but the character really stood out issue.  There's also a disturbing little bit with Xander that has me fairly creeped out as to possible directions they may make with the character.  This is made creepier by by a bit of possible fore-shadowing from season six of the TV show.  But, this season has taken turns that I haven't been very comfortable with, but has given interesting payoffs once the story worked out.  The main story itself is taking a neat path of its own.  Cliff Richards steps in on pencils and does a great job.  All and all, a decent read.  This story has me engaged.

Moving on to the comic that AMC just optioned to make a show of THIEF OF THIEVES #3.  We meet Special Agent Cohen, the beautiful FBI agent who is determined to catch Conrad.  Oh man, this book was just great.  Nick Spenser just worked this whole issue masterfully.  The back and forth between Conrad and Cohen was absolutely brilliant.  This book is just scene after scene of brilliantly dialogued, well paced storytelling.  Shawn Martinbrough continues to shine with his elegant noir style.  This issue does a great job of letting us know exactly where Conrad stands with the law, as well as giving us a glimpse of some of history in relation to Cohen and her investigation.  We actually don't see much of Conrad in this issue after the opening scene, but Cohan is a great character to follow around.  The book is low on action, but there's still a ton of things going on that kept me riveted.  Do yourself a favor, go out and buy this book.


There was a huge reveal this month in THIEF OF THIEVES: Conrad is a Zevon fan.

Figured that one was appropriate for old Conrad.  OK, I'm off to take a couple rotten kids to the circus.  I'll see y'all Wednesday.

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