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Egad.  Its Sunday, March 25, 2012, I should got back to bed, and this is The Side.  I have a real problem with being stupid about sleep.  I don't get a lot of time to myself with the Missus and the Kids, so when they're all in bed that the time I get to watch whatever I want to on TV.  This leads me to doing stupid things like not getting to bed until midnight and then still getting up at six in the morning because I have to work or, in the case of today, I want a bit more time to myself in the morning before anyone else gets up.

That said, I really shouldn't have stayed up to watch BATTLE ROYALE last night.  Definitely ready for some coffee.  An IV of it would be nice.


THE WALKING DEAD wrapped up its second season on AMC last weekend.  There's quite a few people who are upset a bit about one thing in particular on the show: Carl Grimes still lives.  The "KillCarl" hashtag on Twitter has gained a lot of steam and it seems that there's quite a few folks who don't like the character and are just waiting for him to die.

Its plainly apparent that these people have never read the comic.  That's not really bothersome because I've learned long ago that just because an intellectual property that originates from comic books hits big on TV or at the movies people still won't go and pick up the comics unless they already read comics.  I know that sounds horribly pessimistic but that's just how it is.  The trades are easily available at decent comic shops and bookstores, but still fans of the TV show will sit patiently for months waiting for the next season.  I only get seriously irked when I get the "kill Carl already" crap from someone who I know hasn't read the comics but will get all snotty about THE HUNGER GAMES or  HARRY POTTER and say "The books are so much better".

For those of you who are in that category, let me break this down for you.  Carl Grimes is the toughest kid ever.  You want to see some incredible character development?  Carry your sorry asses down to a comic shop, grab some TWD trades and read.  What sucks is I could give example, after example, after example as to why Carl is a really awesome character and crucial to TWD, but I'd be giving away too many spoilers.

As it stands on the AMC show, the group has left the farm, albeit in much different conditions than in the book. I know that The Governor has been cast for season 3.  I can easily speculate as to where season three will end off, which will be crunching a lot of the comics into one season.  Now, the serious event in the comics that I think will end season 3 of the series was in the comics the start of the serious character development of Carl.  this kinda stinks because we'll be in for another whole season of fan-dumb bitching and moaning about how the show needs to kill Carl off.

Fine, let's look at where the show in right now.  Rick, the main character, has one main focus: keeping everyone alive thus protecting his family.  Its completely nuts that so many people who profess their love for the show and for Rick Grimes want to remove one of his main motivations as a character.  At this point Rick's big job is protect Carl.  People keep griping about how Carl keeps getting told to "stay in the house", but that's parents trying to protect their child.  It blows my mind that there's so many people who love a character, but want desperately to see him totally fail at his main objective.  It seems remarkably stupid.

I think there's a disconnect with some people as to what they think TWD is, and what it actually is.  Some folks are thinking this is a typical zombie thing in which there's tons of zombies, they gets killed horribly by the dwindling survivors, and one or two people make it out to escape to somewhere.  The thing is TWD takes place after that.  The people have escaped their own little horror movies.  They got out of the cities.  TWD is about the people who got through the horror movie only to discover that the movie doesn't end.  Its not about killing zombies, its about doing what it takes to survive in a harsh world where you're not on top of the food chain.  They have to work to find food and water.  Safe shelter is something to fight for.  Trust is something earned and cherished.  This whole thing is about people doing their best just to live.

Carl Grimes is a character with a unique perspective, and a valuable one.  He's the last kid standing in all this, and he knows what's up.  Like any kid, he's struggling with growing up.  He's knows there's danger, and as much as his parents try to protect him he wants to help and be a man whether he's ready to be or not.    Losing this character before he really gets a chance to bloom would be a complete shame.  My big regret is with the loss of Sophia there won't be any of those really amazing moments between the two characters that readers of the comics have been treated to.

So for everyone hoping Carl gets bumped off: go read the comics.


Of course when posting about THE WALKING DEAD we have to have a song from The Kingston Trio.

That's it for today, I'm going to make some coffee.  For those who read Friday's post, continued prayers and well wishes are much appreciated for my mother-in-law who is having a significant health scare right now.  Thanks again, and we'll see y'all Wednesday.

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Gatts said...

I have not yet read the comics, I am actually waiting until the series on tv ends or it gets far enough to were it won't make me hate the show. I currently love the show and I am upset they killed off Shane but I guess it had to happen.