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Whew.  It's Friday, March 30, 2012, I'm a self imposed deadline beatin' motherfrakker and this is The Side.  Had to pick the kids up after work on Wednesday as The Missus had a doctor's appointment.  Work ran a little long, but I got them and made it all the way across town for their gymnastics class and they were only a few minutes late.   But that meant I couldn't pick up my comics on Wednesday.

So I got them yesterday between after work.  Still got to Karate on time.  Got them read.  Banged out the reviews, and here we are.  LIKE A BOSS!

Thus is my commitment to you.

Also this will probably the only time I use the phrase "like a boss" in reference to myself.


THE WALKING DEAD #95 is part three of "A Larger World" and I'm finding out exactly how apt a title this is.  Rick, Michonne, Andrea, Glenn, and Carl (who didn't stay in the house this time either) have gone with Paul to see the settlement he's from.  There's still a lot of trust issues Rick's having with the entire situation.  We get only the tiniest view of things at the hilltop before learning that the place has its own drama going on.  Our cast of survivors have found themselves in someone else's story, and it seems like they're arriving as things are coming to a head.  Its become obvious that just because there are other groups that have found means to survive and somewhat thrive life its still very treacherous.  This book continues on a very interesting path as far as being a study of society.  Very came into the series as society was in mid-crumble.  Now we're well on the way of seeing it rebuilding.  The groups of survivors are very much like tribes, and now that we've gotten to a point of having a successful tribe, we're into seeing how these tribes deal with each other.  This story arc is seriously picking up steam on the way to issue 100 and I'm very eager to see what's coming.

MORNING GLORIES #17 revolves around Jade and Ike.  You get a lot of backstory on Jade.  The book continues to give pieces to the puzzle that is the story, but for the life of me I still haven't figured out the shape of it.  There's a continues sense of "this whole thing makes sense somehow".  Everything feels significant, but its a mystery as to how it all fits.  That's probably why I'm incredibly hooked on this book.  This issue in particular centers around Jade and Ike talking.  No huge danger to them.  No direct threats.  Just two interesting characters having an incredibly interesting conversation.  The dialogue is word porn on a Whedonesque scale.  This book really isn't for everybody, and I know some people with excellent taste who just don't like it, however this issue is exactly why I'm on board.  Not only is the puzzle hooking me in, but these characters are so great to watch.  If you haven't read this comic, give this issue a look.  If you dig these characters, you're just getting a small dose of how god this title is.

ANGEL AND FAITH #8 is solid stuff.  Drusilla has returned and is surprisingly sane.  She has a way for people/vampires/whatever to away with painful emotions.  This is the same time as Faith's father returns to cause Faith some trouble.  We have Nadira dealing with survivor's guilt over losing her fellow Slayers to Pearl and Nash.  Faith is dealing with some nasty "daddy issues".  On the surface it seems like Drusilla is offering a great fix, but there's always a catch to things like this.  I've got some ideas as to where this is heading, but lately things have been going in unexpected directions with the "Buffy-verse".  Solid issue, and keeping me on board.


I wish I was classy enough to dance like this.

That's going to be it for me today.  I'll likely be talking about Batman on Sunday.  Be prepared.

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