Gettin' my church on.

Boingy boingy boingy!  Its Wednesday, March 28, 2012, every day I'm shuffling, and this is The Side.  I almost made it home yesterday.  One of the things you have to accept about the Tidewater area is that you're going to have to cross a bridge to get just about anywhere.  Unfortunately for me, the bridge that is the most direct way between my home and where I work is being replaced so I have to detour around into what is usually nasty traffic.  I managed to get through the nasty traffic, over the bridge I have to take.  I'm free and clear, and inside five minutes of the house, then the cell phone rings.

"The girls and I on on a play date, why don't you come meet us."

She didn't know I had already passed where they were, but I turned around and headed back into the traffic to go see my kids bounce around one of those inflatable places.  I still think those joints should all have big couches with a waitstaff bringing parents mimosas.


I came up in the church I teach Karate at.  Back them the majority of my family attended that church.  My best friends were at that church.  The Pastor was a really great guy who I thought a lot of.  It was a really pleasant experience for me.  Times changed.  Pastors get reassigned to different churches.  Folks get older and move away.

And some folks pass away.

I have a large family, and it seems that the only time we all get together is for funerals.  So, when the church that so many of us attended back in the day dedicated the new pew cushions in honor of my uncle who passed away last year, it was really great that so many of us were able to come back to the church.

I remember sitting down by the alter for "children's time" as a kid.  Last Sunday, I got to see my kids down in the same spot along with my nieces and little cousins.  My cousin Dustin who often had a spot right next to  is now a Pastor himself and delivered the sermon.

Then, as good Methodists, it was time for the pot luck lunch.  Pastor Penny said that Uncle Buddy's family were going to get to go first, at which point I, knowing my family well, added "There won't be any food left."  Wasn't uncommon for someone to pipe up with some goofy comment in church and it usually came from someone in my family.  Traditions are important, don't ya know.

I ran into my Dustin in line and we got a glance at the food for the pot luck.  I remarked that I had a chat with a friend who is an atheist who asked me what sets Methodists apart from other branches of Christianity.    "We have better pot lucks."

And without missing a beat, Dustin responded, "And we'll talk to you in the ABC store."

Dustin's son quickly got a hold of me to look over his latest cartooning efforts.  He's on the right track, so I gave him a critique and few pointers.  This was in between chowing down on some incredible food and don't even get me started on the desserts.  Pretty sure a put on a few pounds.

There's these times that strike just the right amount of nostalgia and yet give us a great appreciation for growing up and seeing the wonderful things that come from potential.  Giggly kids meeting people and finding out that they're family.  Seeing a next generation hanging out with each other just like their folks used to in the same place.

It was a get together for a great reason and a lot of fun, before we all had to scamper off to meetings and birthday parties and the like.  It was a really great day.

And congratulation to Salem United Methodist Church because after 150 years they finally got cushions for the pews.


Was watching CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and saw one contestant "singing" and sounding horrible and them a producer turned it into something listenable.  Them I heard some of the other contestants singing without a fancy producer and just sounding great.  When you need someone else to make you sound good, you probably shouldn't have a singing career.  Here's some guys who keep it real.

That'll do it for me.  I'll see y'all Friday.

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