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Good morning, angels. Its Sunday, August 14, 2011, I'm scheduled for a proper beating later, and this is The Side. Things have slowed down quite a bit at my own dojo, but that has allowed me to focus a little more on my training. So right after I post this I'll be getting ready for a good Sunday morning workout, and this afternoon I'll be attended the first workout at Sensei Geissuebel's new location.

Good times. Lots of bruises.


I enjoy them as much as the next person who enjoys video games. Well, that may not be true because some people are just nuts about it. Sure, I've killed hours playing FINAL FANTASY, and I'll always enjoy playing CASTLEVANIA. Recently though I got a game cheap over at Gamestop. It was one of the METROID games for the Wii. I liked METROID as a kid, but wasn't a hardcore player. I did think that it would be fun, because I do indeed like to soot stuff.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. It was miserable, and after about a half an hour of playing this thing I had to shut it off. Guess that explains why it was so cheap in the used bin. Sometimes you find fun stuff in there, but it is always a crap shoot. I like running and shooting. I enjoy little puzzles here and there. This thing was just miserable. I had no idea which way to go to move the game along, but finally managed to stumble through to the point where I got to shoot stuff. Even that was a pain. I think it was constant camera motion that goes along with some of these first person shooters. You make one wrong move and you're completely disoriented.

I do think I've hit the point where I'm kinda set in my ways concerning video games. I like my side scrolling platformers. I like my turn based RPG games. I still dig fighting games. A lot of these games that get a ton of acclaim just don't look that interesting to me. I still have no interest whatsoever in playing HALO, which people who are really into video games think I'm nuts for thinking that. A lot of the newer games kinda turn me off. The new Batman games don't really excite me, but I'll play the old JUSTICE LEAGUE: HEROES game for the PS2 with a big old grin on my face.

I've also figured out that a lot of games on the PC aren't really for me. Google+ just went live with their games. They've got some really cool ones too. Angry Birds will likely be the big draw. I tried the games a bit. I do like that there is a specific games stream so that if you don't want an info spam dump about how well people in your circles have done in their gaming you don't see any of it unless you go into the games section. So, if you're not interested you can ignore it entirely. Still, that was the one clear advantage that Facebook had over G+, so we'll see how this affects the battle of social media.

I do enjoy some games that recently come out. I'm actually finding myself drawn towards titles for the Nintendo DS. Not into the 3DS. I did try playing it and the 3D effect gave me a horrible headache nearly instantly. Fortunately, you can adjust the 3D effect and make it go away. I also enjoy games like the Wii RESORT and the FIT PLUS which feature simple, but enjoyable, games.

Things can be over complex, and that includes things we do to relax. I like my video gaming challenging but not to the point that I'm going to want to throw a controller in frustration on level one because the character keeps running into a wall. I do think that's why game franchises like SUPER MARIO BROS. and POEéMON continue to do so well. We can just in and enjoy without things being overly daunting right off the bat.

That said, I'm going to continue to enjoy HERO'S SAGA LAEVATEIN TACTICS now that we've once again found the Nozz compound's Girlie DS.


Rocked THE CARS last time, so let's rock some WEEZER covering THE CARS from the movie CARS 2. This is actually a fan made video, which I found pretty impressive. Looked like a professional job.

That's it for me today. I'm going to go get beat up now. See y'all Wednesday.

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