Here comes Irene

Hey, gang. Its Friday, August 26, 2011, we're under a hurricane watch here and this is The Side. No big update today because I'm having to get ready. Got some thunderstorms pushing through that have nothing to do with the hurricane. Internet connection is spotty at best. I'm having to head out early to board up some beach houses, and will likely be spending all day Sunday assessing damages. That said, there will be no Sunday post, especially since I seriously doubt I'll have power here. Hopefully I'll be back online by Wednesday.

I did grab a couple comics this week. Loved ACTION COMICS 904, especially since the epilogue completely bitch slapped JMS's stupid "Grounded" storyline. BATMAN INCORPORATED 8 was very interesting stuff. I do love how Morrison handled Barbara. It was her world, and you sure didn't want to mess with it. The comp art was a bit jarring, and I don't really dig it, but considering the nature of the story it fit. So this week was my good-bye to DC. It was fun.

Let's wrap it up with a bit of music.

See y'all when I see ya.

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