One Disastrous Week

Duck and cover! Its Wednesday, August 24, 2011, I'm bracing for impact, and this is The Side.

Sometimes a fella has to wonder whether or not there's a higher power out to get him, and I'm not talking about Linda's threats of disemboweling me, although she technically does count as a higher power. We had an earthquake yesterday. I found out about this later, because even though I was on step ladder, I failed to notice it. The house actually shook, which I know because the woman that was inside the house told me so. I didn't feel a thing. We don't get many earthquakes here in Virginia so when we do have one it would be nice if I actually noticed it. I feel a bit ripped off. We got a tsunami warning too, but not much risk of that. Mostly that was a "really?" moment.

Then there's the wildfire which has blanketed various parts of the area in smoke depending on which way the wind is blowing. One part of Suffolk actually had an air quality condition of purple. Not red, PURPLE. That's past red on the scale. You think code red is bad. That's doesn't have shit on a code purple. You hear code purple, you hide your ass.

That's not to be confused with a code pink, which I hear is some political group but I can't take them seriously at all due to their name. "Code pink" is what we used to call it when you were late for work due to some morning nookie, and was accepted by the boss as a legitimate reason.

The wildfire itself has consumed about nine square miles of the Great Dismal Swamp. A lightning strike set it off. There's a lot of dead wood out there from a fire a couple years ago. Its been burning most of the month now.

Finally, there's Hurricane Irene which is heading my way and due to say "howdy" this weekend. Hopefully all the rain will put out that frakkin' fire. We've already gotten plenty of phone calls from clients worried about their properties down at the beach. These things are so unpredictable. We could get off light. We could get our asses handed to us.

Right now my plan is to ride this one out. I don't wet my shorts for anything under a Cat 2, and that's what it looks like it'll be when it gets here, if it gets here. Its currently due Saturday morning. Don't expect a post on Sunday because its a safe bet that I'll be without power for the weekend. Longest I've been without power due to a hurricane was three days, but like I said, there's no telling how this'll go.

I really need to upgrade the Nozz Compound, and include a bunker.


I really dig this version of the song. Robert Rodriguez rules like school.

That's all for me today. The forecast doesn't have the hurricane hitting until Saturday, so I should see y'all Friday.

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