Invested with Thievery!

YUCK! Its Friday, July 8, 2011, I'm truly disgusted with myself, and this is The Side. No, I haven't done anything horrible. No, my cold which is hanging in for a second solid week hasn't taken a turn of nauseating stuff coming out of me. Its because I just scraped the sixth tick off of me. Cleared some brush for a little old lady in a fiberglass house and that has to be wear they came from. Freakin' nasty! The only tick a approve of is a big guy in a blue suit.


There be some thievery going on up here in the Nozz Compound! No, we didn't hogtie punk teenagers in the neighbor's garage for trying to swipe stuff from the bar again. I can't believe I was actually got accused of it! Even worse, this terrible behavior has been passed on to the kids!

My mother got two nice and comfy FINDING NEMO blankets for the girls as they had grown a little to big for the WINNIE THE POOH blankets Linda generously made for them. Rachel claimed both blankets. In fact she's got both of them in her bed as I type this. So, Nicole responded, and not by hitting or biting her sister, which was progress. She stole her mother's purple blanket.

Meagan was all excited to get purple blanket. She loves purple and the blanket was nice and soft and she looked forward to cuddling up with it at night. She got to do that maybe once before Nicole claimed the purple blanket.

And the Missus is no saint in all this either! When I got a sweet Asian themed throw blanket which was meant to give the living room a little color and personality, she immediately claimed it for her own personal snuggling purposes the moment they left! The only reason that thing spends anytime performing its original decorative purpose is that I bought the Missus a "Snuggie" which she now uses for cuddling. Even that was a battle because its brown and Nicole declared it a "bear blankie" claiming Meagan looked like a bear when she had it on her, and Nicole tried to claim it! It was cute watching her walk around with it and going "Rawr!", but Meagan actually managed to keep this blanket.... for now.

What's really messed up is upon pointing out all the blanket thievery going on in the house, I got accused of it! "What about the blanket you swiped from me that you sleep with?" She accused.

"What? You mean the blanket that's part of the bed sheets? Its for the bed. I sleep with it on me because first, it goes on the bed. Second, you don't use it in favor of other blankets. And third, if I didn't, I'd have died of hypothermia in my sleep last winter!"

I can't believe this has turned into the thing. I should go into the blanket making business. If the demand is anywhere near as rabid for comfy blankets elsewhere as it is in my house, my money woes would be over.


I have none. No comics for me this week. Went to the store. Nothing in the box. The emptiness of the box became a transcendental space in my mind. The void represented the needing to create to fill meta-space that is medium and genre specific with my own contributions. There was a tingling in my arms traveling down to my fingers. The fiery need to create was upon me! I was ablaze with passion! My synapses ignited lining up all the thoughts in my head to create a masterwork that would make me immortal through the ages.

Then I sneezed and lost the whole thing.

St00pid cold.


I'd post the actual video to this song, but I've spent the last two week alternating between doses of DayQuil and NyQuil and upon seeing the video on the local music video playing type channel I promptly lost my shit shit and freaked right the hell out. That and they disabled the embedding on the actual video.

That's it for me. I'll see y'all Sunday.

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