In Loving Memory

Its Wednesday, July 13, 2011 and this is The Side. The world has suffered a loss this week. I'm sorry if this post isn't as fun as I usually try to make these, and I am going to probably be a little incoherent here. So again, sorry.


My Uncle Buddy passed away this week. He was 73. He was truly one of the best men I've ever had a privilege of knowing. Everyone who knew him loved him. When he used to sell real estate he was known as "The Happy Man", and that's what he was. No matter what he would always be there with a smile. He was always doing something. Even when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and it took a heavy toll on him, he never let that cast a shadow over him.

He saw the best in everyone, even when they weren't their best. I remember we were having a banquet for his youngest son who was going into the ministry, and Buddy was saying a few words, and he said, "Dusty was always a good boy..." and before he could keep going Dusty's wife went "PFFFT!" trying with all her might to stifle laughing herself silly. It was at this point that one of Buddy's other sons chimed in, "Wait. Who are we talking about?" Dusty had been a bit of a hellion in his teenage years, but after a serious car accident turned himself around. But that was Buddy. Of course he knew about about his son's past, but what he saw in his son was what he saw in us all: a good person.

Buddy was always busy too. Not too busy for friends and family, but when you came across Buddy he was doing something. Always fixing something, or doing something for the church. He really was a jack-of-all-trades it seemed. Time that wasn't spent working was spent being active with those he cared about.

He always enjoyed a good laugh, even if people were laughing at him. I have to say I've seen my uncle in probably one dress too many. That may be balanced out by the time in the leopard print loin cloth. And of course when we had a Hawaiian themed birthday party for my mother-in-law, he was the one that somehow ended up in the coconut bra.

There's countless stories about him and they all lead us to one statement about my uncle: he loved life and knew how to live it well. He really was one of the good ones and the world would be a better place if everyone was a bit more like him. I love my uncle. He always believed in me and seemed to always be waiting patiently for me to do something great that would make my mark on this world. I dearly wish I had done something to fulfill the promise he always saw in me.


My uncle was a good old boy, so its time for some good old boy music. Here comes The Possum!

I'll be back here Friday. Hopefully there's some comics waiting for me this week. See y'all then.

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