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It's Friday, July 15, 2011, there's actual comic reviews this week, and this is The Side. We had the service for my uncle yesterday. There was probably about 400 people there. I know a lot of people couldn't make it. If everyone who wanted to be there to pay their respects to him were able to make it, we would have needed a bigger church. It was a lovely service and a great celebrate of his life. My cousins said a few words about him and Scott shared some wisdom that his father gave him.

"You're where you are in your life because of the series of decisions you've made up until now. If you don't like where you are, then you need to make some better decisions."

Words to live by.


BATGIRL #23 starts us off with a bang. The Grey Ghost, who has been annoying Steph with his creepy efforts to help her, is dead. The Reapers go all out as their plans get under way with Steph up again five power suit wearing baddies. Great issue. Really great reveal on the last page. Bryan Q Miller continues to knock it out of the park every month. Its really frustrating knowing that after Miller has done so much with the character of Stephanie Brown and made this comic one of the best books being published by the big two that is all getting wiped away in the DCU Reboot. I kept reading through this issue thinking how much I'm going to miss getting this book every month. In a really dumb move, Miller isn't on the creative teams of any of the 52 comics DC will be releasing. That's a damn shame.

DETECTIVE COMICS #897 has the focus squarely on Jim Gordon and his son James. Snyder keeps readers on the edge of their seats as last months big reveal that James is still a killer permeates and we see exactly how far gone this guy is. There's also an incredibly creepy scene with the Joker which serves as a hell of a reminder of just how scary this character can be. This is pot boiling story telling at its finest with amazing artwork by Francesco Francavilla. If you haven't been following this story, its definitely one to have when its collected. Its really amazing stuff.

HELLBOY: THE FURY #2 is like the end of the world. Everything seems to be coming to a head. The apocalypse is on the move. Mystical armies have risen up. In the middle of it all Hellboy is duking it out with a freaking dragon. Mignola really has gone epic here. There's been so much building up to this story and it not disappointing. We only get snapshots of all the insane over the top action but we get great feel for everything that's going on. There's a time to show readers things, and there's a time to let them fill in the blanks. Mignola absolutely nails it here in a masterful display of storytelling.

THE RED WING #1 from Image is a sci-fi tale of time-traveling combat fighters. There's a lot of conceptual stuff going on here, so Hickman is having to juggle between character introduction, world-building, and explaining how the concept and mechanics of time-travel are working in this story. We see the enemy they are facing but learn very little about them. We don't get much of a feel for the characters either. I came out of this with an idea of what this comic was a bout, but still had a bunch of questions as to what was going on. Still, its an interesting story conceptually, so I'm going to sticking around most likely for all four issues of the series.

OK, I got 50 GIRLS 50 #2 because I was curious if the characters were going to end up on another planet that made all their clothes fall off again. That doesn't happen, but we have women in skin tight space suits, women tied up, and Bakula just out of the shower reporting to the bridge of the ship wearing only a towel for whatever reason. While RED WING was sci-fi heavy on cencept, this is sci-fi low on concept with a lot more exploitation. There's things going on with the characters that are curious. A lot seems focused on Bakula, who's got something weird going on but we're not sure exactly what. There's a fair amount of butt-kicking. This is a fluff comic and its seems comfortable with that.


Alright kids, your homework assignment is have naked fun time with this song playing. Bonus points if there's more than just you involved. You've got until Monday.

That's all for me today. Have a good weekend, and I'll see y'all Sunday!

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