America loves fighting!

Happy Independence Day! It's July 4, 2010 and with everything going on in politics and with the World Cup going on I've heard a lot of trash talk online putting down America. I'd be upset but for that fact that without America there wouldn't be an internet for those losers to try to feel superior on. I love irony. Make a deal with you: I won't trash your country if you don't trash mine.

This deal does not apply to France.


For the first time in a long time I was able to get over to my cousin's house to watch the UFC. This is of course putting aside the horrible blood feud between the two of us that many had talked about but never actually existed. Managed to get a sitter for the girls. The missus got the night off and made some homemade cheeseburger queso dip. Everything was all set until Scott went to actually order the Pay Per View.

After ordering the fight we were informed that Scott had in fact ordered "Young & Willing Casting Couch Girls". Obviously a technical malfunction, but one we could not remedy. In our desperation to watch the fight we even attempted to order the over priced HD version only to see that to do so would only provide us with "Horny Prison Women: Waiting for Release". This would mark the first time a bunch of heterosexual men were upset by the prospect of having to watch neked women as opposed to sweating men.

All efforts to contact the cable company were fruitless and the evening, aside from the queso, was a bust.

So I missed being horribly disappointed that Lesnar withstood getting the crap beat out of him for a round and then managing to pull out a win. As such I really need you people to send me money because I doubt the loanshark will be any more sympathetic than the bookie.


I hate it when I remember when the 'classics' were new. Ah well, let's rock!


1: What did you do for Independence Day?

2: What do you think of the UFC and the recent event?

3: What do you like on your hamburger? (Cause that's what I had for dinner.)

Happy 4th. Enjoy yourselves. Stay safe. God bless America.

See y'all Wednesday.


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Yes, yes, we now know the big meathead can take a beating. I hope Cain velasquez dismantles him. I'm still really pissed at Cox Cable for dropping the ball so damn badly.