Worth 1000 thoughts

As we can see the above picture is obviously taken during a reenactment of this years comic series FINAL CRISIS by Grant Morrison as the Mandrakk the eeeeeevil vampire space god attempts to put the nom noms on Superman and Superman being Superman resists Mandrakk's power and triumphs. In a twist of Elizabethan dramatic conventions in which all parts, both male and female, are played by men all the parts of this FC reenactment are played by women.

Wait, perhaps this picture is a statement upon the state of comics in either disparaging the grim and gritty comic view of the 1990s in which comics were SERIOUS BUSINESS and as such had to be DARK AND EPIC; or even a view of the current state of comics in which guys like Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio are atempting to send the Silver Age, which they loved from childhood, through a 90s filter, because they're fanboys, and give us a lot of books I have no interest in reading.

Could it possibly be a portrait of the totality of the comic book sub-genre? We have representation of fantastic science fiction with a being from a doomed planet rocket to Earth where they have amazing powers and help people. We have an element of myth with the vampire (please note the lack of sparkling) representing the older tales elements of the supernatural. Finally we have the human elements with the eating of a pretzel and what human being doesn't love pretzels?

No, I'm not going to be going into 1000 different ways to look at this picture. It is one of my favorites that I've taken on my phone. The vampire is my wife, Meagan, who took great delight in scaring the neighbors with her fangs, and the little Supergirl is my daughter, Nicole, who wasn't scared of her mommy one little bit. Nicole's twin sister Rachel was dressed up like Spider-girl this year and unfortunately she was moving much too quickly with her little Spider-powers for be properly captured on film, but did run up to every little boy she came across dressed as Spider-man poked them in the chest and proclaimed "SPIDER-MAN!" before fleeing leaving the little boy usually quite confused.

Yep, it was a good Halloween in the Nozz compound.

Behold the family, worth 1000 thoughts with or without fun costumes.