Where did I put my ark?

Day three of miserable weather as what's left of Hurricane Ida is supposed to finally be gone by day's end. This is the worst storm to have hit two since 2003 and that one had the decency to to hit us be be gone the same day. I was very fortunate during that one (Hurricane Isabel) in that the apartment I lived in sustained no damage and we had our power back by the end of the day. It was interesting. The day started out windy but no rain, and ended the same way. We got to experience the whole thing. This one has been drug out over three days.

So far so good, but I'll be checking over everything this weekend. There have been lots of flooded streets. Chris sat in his third floor apartment in downtown Norfolk watched as people who obviously didn't know what they were in for tried to deal with a city that floods whenever someone waters their lawn.

The neighbors all had their generators ready. Darren had to set up a pump to keep his house from flooding. We lost power for about an hour or so yesterday, and that's getting off really light. The longest I've been without power is three days after Hurricane Bonnie which also isn't nearly as bad as some people have been through, but not something I'd care to go through again.

So today I hide in the house and watch as the last of this storm passes. Tomorrow I get to clean up the yard and be very thankful that we removed that dead oak a few months back.

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