Gun control =/= answer

Gun control is in the news big time since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.  What is really unfortunate about the discussion that has risen up since that incident is the ideas being pushed will not solve anything.  I understand people being emotional and reactionary to the shooting.  I have two children in kindergarten, the same age as the majority of the victims.  I can barely fathom the grief the families are experiencing.

Since the shooting the president received many letter from children which said they wanted him to get rid of the guns.  This is understandable because those are children.  That's a child's solution to a problem they are not really equiped to understand.  The problem is not the weapon, is the person holding the weapon.  Its tough to explain to a child that some people have something really wrong with them and will hurt and kill people.

So, we've gone on to blame inanimate objects and Second Amendment, and ignored the fact that the guy was mentally unbalanced.

Most of the push for new gun control laws have come from Democrats and Liberals, which is not surprising since often they feel they should have the rights to live as they please, but if they don't approve of something, rights should be taken away.  They don't like guns.  Fine.  They shouldn't have them.  No one is making them have one.  They should stop being a bunch of hypoctries and demanding other people live as they see fit.

There's puch for a ban on assault rifles.  The shooting that sparked this debate was done with handguns.  Most shootings are done with handguns.  Hell, most people, including many yelling the loudest in this, have no idea what an assault rife actually is.  But, assault rifles sounds scary.  An AR-15 looks scarier than a Glock 20.  Like I said, this is emotional, and fear is a pretty strong emotion.

Don't forget the morons who think they're oh so cute and say "well, the Founding Fathers only meant the Second Amendment to apply to the type of gun s that existed back then".  Idiots.  Its meant so they people could protect themselves from weapons that those who would harm us would use.

On to the folks that want to limit the number of bullets in clips and magazines, many of which do not know the difference between the two.  I think the big push is no more than ten bullets.  That's plenty, if real life was a movie and everyone always hit exactly what they were aiming for.  Some poor woman has three guys break into her home, then I hope she's a hell of a shot.

The gun control argument is stupid and does nothing to help anything aside from making foolish people feel better.  We need to understand why these people break.  Is it misdiagnosed mental disorders?  Are they unable to make the distinctions betwen fantasy and reality and have seen to much violence in entertainment?  Is this the result of our society being OK with prescribing mind altering pills to kids because they don't pay attention well enough in class?  These are hard questions, which probably means they're the one's we need to focus on.

I'm not saying we need to do away with violent video games and movies, because once we start that stopping it will be a pain.  Its all fine until someone says "we need to get rid of Star Wars because there's guns in it".  I'm also not bashing the medical industry as a whole.  Some poeple really do need to be on some form of medication.

It all comes down to people, and specifically us as parents.  The future rides on us and how we are raising out children.  No parent wants to think that there's something really wrong with their child.  Its tough.  If the government wanted to do something really useful, they'd be taking steps to help them, like Senator Greg Ball of New York said.


Taking away guns won't solve anything.  I can make an explosive device with stuff easily available at Home Depot.  If you have one one of these non-ideological suicide attackers go to hurt a bunch of people then they are going to attempt it with whatever they can get.  We can't depend of a governemnt who seems to barely understand the problem to be the answer.

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