Commuting Fun!

Yesterday, I was on my way down to the beach to do some renovation work. The road I take has quite a few twists and truns to it, so the 35 mph speed limit is no joke. Road was a bit wet too.

A white car comes around the blind curve in front of me doing I'd say about 55, and skids into my lane. I jump on the breaks, and brace myself, because if they can't correct, I'm going to eat it. Nothing but ditches and trees on either side of the road, so nowhere to go.

The car hauls ass back into their own lane, but still going way to fast, and I found myself in a sweet spot, because they arced into their lane, around my car, and ended up over-correcting which sent them skidding into a 180 and landing them in the ditch behind me and the only thing that kept the car from rolling was that the ditch was deep enough to wedge that sucker in. So I pull off into a driveway, and jump out because I'm not seeing anyone getting out of the car.

I hustle back to the car in the ditch, and there's a girl in there about college age. She can't get the door open, so I pull it open and give her a hand on out. She's half laughing, and I think that was pretty much her way of dealing with the moment, so I didn't chew her ass out for nearly taking me out with her horrible driving.

Right then a mob of bicycle riders come around the bend with their spandex and windbreakers. All the pieces come together. Those asshat bike riders are always blocking up traffic on that rode. This girl sped up to get around them, which she shouldn't have done, and lost control.

And then one of the moron bike riders says. "You're going to need a tow truck."

 I hate those people so hard. Last year a guy got arrested for puting tacks in the road to flatten their tires. I'd have totally paid his bail. They ride on groups of dozens, and if you're behind them on that road you are completely screwed.

Unfortunately, its the most direct route to where most of my work is.


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