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Hold it!  Its Friday, January 6, 2011, I'm making no sudden moves, and this is The Side.  The reason I'm making no sudden moves is pretty simple, my glasses are broken and they're ready to fall off my face at any given moment.  Not sure where the kids have hidden the duct tape, so fixing them is being delayed slightly.

Getting whacked in the melon by a ticked off 4 year old started the process.  Still it was a bad move to have them on during certain drills at the dojo the other night.  Note to martial arts type folks: guillotine chokes will render you unconscious and break your glasses.


Its often tough to keep a positive outlook on things when things aren't going you way.  One thing going wrong sucks, but is manageable.  However, when its one thing after another after another, its really easy to get really down on yourself.  That makes it hard to get back on the right track.

That's something I've really had to work hard on at my job.  I'm not perfect, nobody is, but my major flaw on the job is I'm not very fast at certain things.  I'm not milking jobs and goofing off.  I just do things a bit of a slower pace.  Somethings I can zip right through, but not everything.  When I go fast, that's when I often make mistakes.

But mistakes happen.  I get a bit of a stinkeye from the boss, rightfully so.  Then I try to do extra good to make up for things.  I start rushing.  Then its more mistakes because I'm getting ahead of myself.  Then the boss wonders why he keeps me around.

Had this happen yesterday, or at least the start of it.  his week has been a bit light on work, but things have been going smoothly.  Yesterday didn't start out too well.  I had to break metal, which I actually know how to do pretty well.  For those who don't know, "breaking" metal is using a big contraption to make bends in pieces of metal.  Yesterday I was creating metal pieces for going around a window.  These were rather complicated pieces to make, but I should have been able to handle it.

It took too long.  That and I messed up a couple of pieces and had to do them over.  Not good.  That wasn't the only thing we had to do yesterday.  I had put us behind.  The boss was less than pleased.  He doesn't yell, but I know when he's pissed.

This would be when I start going nuts trying to make up for it and try to crank out the pieces as fast as possible, and probably screw them up again putting us further behind.  I've done that too many times.  I got smart this go around.  I took a deep breath, and got back to work.  The pieces got made.  Boss was still a bit ticked, but the other things we had to do at the house were handled pretty quickly and very well.  I tried my best to keep a "can do" attitude.  The rest of the jobs that day went pretty well.

Keeping that attitude is important.  Its also very hard when you have things go wrong.  The more things go wrong, the harder it is to keep that mindset.  Once you lose it, its tough getting it back.  Having it is a big help though.  It keeps your spirits up and helps your confidence.  Both of those are important.  Sometimes i think that's why we really have weekends.  You need a couple days to get your head back on straight sometimes.

I didn't make much for New Year's resolutions.  The only one I really had was stay calm and handle my business.  Sounds simple, but could be harder then any of the previous goofy resolutions I've made.


Seemed sort of appropriate, and I realized that I'd never had Tina Turner in the music section.  Had to remedy that.

That's it for me today.  See y'all Sunday.

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