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That's right, it's Friday, September 10, 2010 and yet again there's no comic review. Labor Day got me all thrown off. I'll have plenty of nerdy goodness for you guys on Sunday, but until then enjoy some insanity.


For those who have been under a rock this week an idiot is planning a Quran Burning in Florida. Some lunatic so-called preacher is aiming to stand up against Radical Muslims by burning their holy book. There is so much damn stupid here that my brain is actually spasming in my skull.

Let's start with the preacher and his church, congregation of about 50. These people are obviously idiots, and are planning to live up to every awful stereotype that ignorant jerkwits like to heap upon Christians. A book burning? Seriously? Not only does it make Christians look bad, but its counter productive in that all it will do is fire up the bad Muslims and alienate the ones that aren't batshit crazy. Our armed forces are fighting insurgents. Part of fighting an insurgency is to get the locals on your side. This isn't helping matters. Everyone from Generals, to the Pope, to the President have said this is a really bad idea.

When I agree with our Pop-Star-in-Chief then you know something is seriously wrong.

Next up is the asshole Muslims that have held demonstrations in other countries burning the American flag and chanting "Death to America". Screw you, you hypocrites. America has sent its forces out time and again to help Muslims around the world. Sit down and shut up.

Finally we have the media assholes who have turned a small group of ignorant scumwads into the center of a worldwide uproar. Yeah, Dove Outreach Ministries are a bunch of complete idiots, but you're the one who hoisted them as high as you could on a pedestal for the world to see because you wanted ratings. Guess you got what you wanted.

End of the day, these jerks are of the same ilk as the Westboro Baptist Church, the dolts who took part in Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, and that douchebag Imam who wants to built a Mosque right by ground zero. They're attention whores who are looking to count coup, and use the freedoms we enjoy here in America to hide behind. However that's the great thing about these freedoms that idiots like these expose themselves for what they are, and we as a sane society and shun them was the bunch of venomous bastards that they are.

Now the preacher is saying he's going to hold off on the burning and trying to parlay his 15 minutes of fame longer by getting into the middle of the Mosque debacle. How utterly shocking. Well, he can try to spin out of this all he likes. He's done. His little cult of ignorance is going to be buried under the weight of public opinion in a grave of obscurity, and I want to be the first to piss on it.


There's a new feature that popped up recently here on Blogger and that's "Stats". This thing tells you how many pages views you have gotten. What posts got them. Where the traffic linked in from. And it also lets you know what countries the viewers are from.

It seems I've developed a following in Malaysia. They edged out the United Kingdom. I suppose I should talk about Doctor Who more.

It also tells me what my blog is being viewed on. I'm actually pretty amused that someone has used their Wii to few the blog and someone else used a Playstation 3. No one has used their XBox to which I fully blame Halo: Reach.

I have also determined that lately the majority of people are coming here due to one specific image that I posted, and surprisingly enough its not Christina Hendricks.

It seems POCOYO is very popular. I do wonder if any poor kid stumbles over here looking for a cute picture of their favorite cartoon, and is subsequently traumatized by my blog. Ah well, wouldn't be the first time I've traumatized some poor kid.

Now before you get creeped out that Blogger is giving out your personal info, rest assured its not. I don't know who specifically is reading. No names or specific location are given. I just know what country. I also know what time and it seems my readers are nightowls.

This feature also seems to be messing with me. One day it told me I had over a hundred page views, which is pretty awesome, but the following day it reported 93 page views the previous day and that I only had 1 page view that day. Very confusing, but likely an effort to screw with my head just to let me know to stop obsessing over it.


Detected this week's theme yet?

That's the ballgame for Friday. Enjoy you're weekend, and I'll see you on Sunday.

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