Muppets are HaRdCoRe!!

That's right! It's Friday, September 17, 2010 and there's a whole lot of comic stuff going on up in here to get your weekend going. ONWARD!


This week we kicked things into gear with BIRDS OF PREY #5. In the aftermath of the last storyline Black Canary accompanies White Canary to Bangkok saying she's quitting the team. Once recovered from being stabbed by the Penguin, Lady Blackhawk goes with Huntress after her to try to get to the bottom of thing. The result? Big street fight!

There's a lot of things in flux in the Bat-Universe that Birds of Prey orbits through like a fun little moon, and it seems that this book is caught a little in between that and the "Brightest Day" shenanigans. In fact the book has the little "Brightest Day" header at the top, which I suppose has to do with hawk coming back from the dead. There's a little scene with him and his late brother which I suppose ties into that story, but i don't really know because i have slightly less interest in "Brightest day" as I do in having my eyebrows waxed. At the same time we have Oracle moving her base of operations out of the Batcave and into Kord Towers. I suppose this is good because we wouldn't want Doctor Hurt blowing Dick's brain's out upstairs while Babs is in the basement doing her thing. It would just seem insensitive.

Gail Simone keep showing that it was ridiculous to ever have this book not be around. We also have artwork by Alvin Lee and Adriana Melo this time around which is a pretty big artistic departure from the previous issues, but not an unwelcome one. Still I go through each issue of the series wishing it was Nicola Scott drawing it. Oh well.

ZATANNA #5 also hit the stands this week. Paul Dini loves this character and its a bit overdue that she gets her own series. The book itself is pretty subtle. Yes you hav fire demons and a Lord of hell gunning for our hero, but the action isn't completely over the top. The real strength to this book is how likable Dini writes Zee. She's clever and fun which makes me want to see what she's up to and how she gets out of the situations she's in. He opponents are sneaky buggers, so its a case of Zee having to fend off threats from often unexpected directions. But what is magic without misdirection?

Last up is TINY TITANS #32 in which the lunch lady's kid starts school. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, except the lunch lady is Darkseid. We also discover that Li'l Barda helmets are all the rage in elementary school fashion. Parents keep this in mind, because halloween is coming and you wouldn't want your kid to be the only one on their block without a Li'l Barda helmet.


Recently I received a press release from the great folks of at BOOM! Studios, who send me such things because they love me. Amid the releases I found this gem:
MUPPET SHERLOCK HOLMES #1 – The bloody conclusion is at hand! Cole's past finally comes to light, but will it put the only family he has left into danger? On the brink of the end of the Civil War, there's just one last standoff between Cole and freedom. The final issue of the critically acclaimed series from the writer of the best-selling 28 DAYS LATER

This, of course, is the beginning of a new trend. BOOM has some of the best comics for kids around. They also produce incredible books for more mature readers. It only makes sense to combine the two. So what should you expect? Glad you asked!

10: In SHIRT TAILS the cute animals with their message creating shirts we all know and love are the last hope of an apocalyptic future as they carry messages from the resistance fighters against the robot uprising.

9: In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, All Star leads the surviving SNORKS against oil companies in daring eco-terrorist raids.

8: With nearly 100 guys vying for her affection, Smurfette is used to a lot of attention, but will Stalky Smurf go too far?


6: Its Scrooge McDuck versus the IRS. Be there.

5: Its adventure and danger in the world of cutting edge science as THE LITTLES battle a nanotechology menace.

4: The MUPPETS take the stage at CBGB.

3: Is their whole world a lie? To help save their powers and magical land THE CARE BEARS have have to enter therapy after the cataclysmic disaster of Share bear declaring he needs a little "me time". Can things be set right or will the youth of the world become a bunch of selfish little bastards.

2: MICKEY MOUSE takes on the Elder Gods with a little help from his friends is DISNEY'S CTHULU TALES!

1: After Al Gore steals the limelight from his own environmental protection efforts, Captain Planet turns his back on his cause forcing the Planeteers to try to stop him before he trashes the world. That's right. CAPTAIN PLANET is IRRESPONSIBLE!


Been rocking out to The Offspring's AMERICANA and this is my favorite tune on there. Combine that with the fact I've been playing a lot of FINAL FANTASY lately and...

That's the shooting match of today. Enjoy the weekend, and see y'all Sunday!

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