Don't go lion to me! I want the TRUTH!

News has broken in Africa that Jericho, the brother of the now deceased Cecil the lion, has been killed by hunters.  Authorities are looking into this, but so far the "hunter" in question has not been found.  This whole thing reeks of a cunning plot.

Seriously, first a lion gets killed and now not long after, his brother is killed?  There's no way this is a coincidence.  Those lions knew something.  That dentist is obviously a patsy in this whole thing.  The ones behind this obviously have something on him and photoshopped those pictures with him and lion.  I mean come on.  There's only one dentist on the planet that I know of that could kill a lion, and he was well accounted for here in Chesapeake.  

I think perhaps these lion know what's really going on with those Holistic Doctors that have recently turned up dead.  A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and with learning the identity of the holistic serial killed those lions sealed their own fate.  And now they're being used as a distraction to keep our eyes off the ball.  

Its working well.  People are more concerned with a couple of lions that they never knew nor cared about a couple weeks ago than the ghoulish videos making the rounds about Planned Parenthood.  And had any of you heard about those doctors before I mentioned it?  


Because you've been hoodwinked!

By lions!

Which are supposedly dead, but have any of you even seen the bodies?  

Its obviously a Government cover-up.  Obama was recently in Africa, which was a convenient cover for him to bump off those lions to distract everyone from those doctors' deaths.  Those doctors obviously weren't down with the ACA, so they had to go, and the distraction from the Planned Parenthood grossness was an added bonus.

Give it week and Obama will come out and say that if he and Michelle had a cub it would look like Cecil the lion's cub.  Those lions are really alive and have been relocated to a protected site.  That dentist is going to burn because he wasn't down with the ACA either and rumor has it he's part of the eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil 1%!  So, he's getting shipped out of here. and he better keep his mouth shut or his family with get the same.  Or possibly worse, someone might say they saw a picture of someone in his family watching an episode of the Dukes of Hazzard and call for their immediate execution!

And now since I've obviously had enough of watching/listening/being-fucking-bombarded-with the "news" I'm going to go watch My Little Pony with my daughters and get ready to love and respect the shit out of some poor bastard.

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