The Flash Premiers

I didn't like it.  Seriously.  I don't like that they dumbed down Barry Allen.  They already did the "my love interest is the daughter of a police officer" bit on Arrow.  Oh and Geoff Johns is involved so, of course, there has to be a dead parent.  And putting a Thawne on the police as a foreshadowing of a potential bad guy HAS BEEN DONE TO DEATH!!!

Come on!

They were doing that back on the first season of SMALLVILLE.  They going to try to make us like this guy and all us good little nerdlings are going to wonder when he's going to go bad.  All us hardcore nerdlings are going to speculate if he's Barry's twin brother or from the future.  Some of us will speculate if Iris is from the future.

And damn it all anyways, I love you Tom Cavanagh.  I do.  I loved you on ED.  I loved you on SCRUBS.  I thought to myself, "he's a scientist, I can get behind this".  Nope!  Just miserable.  The cheery guy was annoying as hell.  The mopey girl was a complete downer.  I'm sorry her fiancé got killed in an accident nine months ago, but YOU STILL DON'T SMILE AT ALL?!

Thank God AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. was on after that, so I could wrap my TV viewing up on a better note.

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