What the heck happened this year?

2013 is pretty much over.  Just a couple hours to go.  I keep saying I hope every year is better than the last, and I keep getting disappointed, so this year I kinda said screw that I'm just hoping to keep my head down and keep things going.  Turns out a lot happened this year.

Got in a car accident, but no one got hurt.  Almost got into a second one when a car lost control and nearly hit mine.  Been a crappy year for commuting but when you drive 40 miles on a light day that's bound to be the case.

Our brother-in-arms dojo Zanshinkan opened a new store front location.  Took a lot of hard work, but the place really looks great and its always a pleasure to work out there.

Speaking of Dojo type things, our classes at Seireikan grew a bit, and we're hoping to keep things going.  Many of our students have done well in tournaments and we had a lot of fun at our beach workout and annual demo.  I did very well at the Petersburg Karate Open, and actually won the Grand Championship in forms at the Old School Fall Classic.  That's the first time I've ever pulled that off in open competition.  It was also the first time my mother had ever seen me compete.

 Work kept on going.  I managed to not get fired once again.  Yay me!

This year I once again had a song that really rocked my socks.  I even managed to get it played a couple of times on the local radio station until the upper management told the DJs to stop.

Not a huge year, but I'm still chugging on.

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