My day in court

Last month on Friday the 13th, I got in a car accident.  Everyone was fine, but my car got impaled upon the truck's ball hitch.  The truck in front of me had to make a quick stop.  I did likewise, but my car started to skid and whammo.  His truck had no damage at all, but my Ford Focus couldn't say the same.  I do have both halves of my former licence plate.

Police come on out and do the accident report.  I get a ticket for following too close.  When the car is getting repaired its notcied that my alignment is off and the tires are showing bad signs of premature wear.  That explained why the car hit the skids.  So I have a good case to beat the ticket and save a bit of money and few points on my licence.

Court was today.  I put on my good goin' out clothes and I sit there waiting my turn.  Seems it was "Take you kid to your hearing day" as I counted four infants and toddlers in the courtroom.  Seemed like half the people there were there for driving with a suspended licence.  One guy showed up and the judge infromed him that his case had been continued to another date and he should probably keep in touch better with his attorney.

There was one lawyer there, old dude, wearing his blazer jacket, bow tie which matched his scarf, and SANDLES!  I couldn't believe it.  That suit certainly wasn't all business.  

After waiting around for about an hour, I get called up.  I'm ready.  I'm set to plead "not guilty", and I've got my paperwork to prove my case.  I'm gonna beat this thing.  I'm smiling and perfectly pleasant.  I exchange a few pleasantries with the judge.  Nothing smart-ass.  Just a "Good morning" and a "How're you".  

I'm then informed that officer that wrote the ticket could not be there today and my case was dismissed.

I felt a little bit like I had trained for a tournament, but was the only guy to show up for my division.

Still, in the courts, a win is a win and I'm not complaining.  

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