Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

Yes, answering all the questions left unanswered by the original DESPICABLE ME, here comes the sequel. Actually, there were no real questions left unanswered by the first film.  Pretty much a nice little self contained little piece.  The first movie was cute.  I got some good laughs at places.  Left it feeling good.  There was really only one thing that really demanded another movie be made.


I love me some Minions.  If the movie powers that be decided that they were going to make a movie that was nothing but two hours of Minions doing Minion-type thingies, I'd go.  I doubt I'd be alone either.

However, this isn't MINIONS THE MOVIE, its DESPICABLE ME 2, and Gru is back!  When last we left him, he was going to hang up the whole super villain things and dedicate himself to being a father to Margo, Edith, and Agnes.  That's exactly what he did too.  This isn't about Gru adjusting to being a good dad.  He rocks at being a dad.  Sure he's got plenty of help with all his little, yellow henchmen, but he's completely engaged with these kids.  The interactions with them are deligthful and completely believable.

But there's trouble afoot, and Gru is called upon to use his expertise to stop a mysterious villain before things go horrible.  To top it off he's partnered with a delightfully eager and adorably awkward partner, Lucy.  Yep, we have to see if Gru can save the world and find love while doing it.  

Let's break this down.  This movie is a lot of fun.  I enjoyed it more than the original.  Technically sound on all points with animation quality, voice acting and everything.  The story was light and fun, with just enough heart and plenty of adventure.  Took the kids, and they had a blast.  It managed to keep adults entertained without getting to heavy on the "adult" humor.

Like I said before, I love Minions.  They really were the breakout stars from the first film, and there was plenty of Minion hyjinks to be enjoyed here.  However, this movie smartly gave us more Minion-y goodness, but also balanced that very well with the overall story.  It could have easily turned into something that was Minion topheavy and just had the story there to get us from one goofy Minion bit to the next.  It didn't.  This flick really delivered.

Now, for anyone wondering if this movie suffers from "Trailer fail" (In which all the really good parts are shown in the trailer and the rest of the movie is lame), it absolutely doesn't.  Go see it.  Find a kid and take them.

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