Eat More Chicken, You Haters!

You see that delicious thing right there?  That there is a chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A, OR SO IT SEEMS!!!  Really it is a decisive instrument which a bunch of bigots use to spread HATE!  HATE HATE HATE-ITY HATE!  You see those pickles?  Pure evil.  Created by eeeeeevil Christian sorcery to make the hate grow faster.

And how do we know this?  Because the CEO of Chik-Fil-A said in an interview that he supports traditional family values.  Therefore, he must hate gay people.  Doesn't matter that he said absolutely nothing at all about gay people, or gay rights, or gay marriage.  He supports traditional marriage and that's not gay, so he must HATE GAYS!

OR, he may just support the traditional family structure and has a different opinion than some people.

But that still hasn't stopped a bunch of dummies from boycotting the restaurant, and claiming that people that do eat there are "supporting hate".  So instead of having a reasonable dialog about a subject in which both sides could possibly find some common ground and everyone live happily, we call the folks on the other side hate mongers and grab up the torches and pitchforks.

I eat at Chik-Fil-A twice a week.  Why?  Because I can't afford to eat there three times a week.  The food is excellent.  I always have impeccable service.  The staff is always friendly and helpful.  The place is an absolute delight.  Am I supporting hate?  No.  I'm enjoying the food I have loved since I ate at the Chik-Fil-A at Greenbriar Mall which was right across from the Space Port arcade which I'd go to to play Joust.

The restaurant has not hid anything about its founders having Christian values.  I haven't seen one open on a Sunday yet, even though that's up to the individual managers.  Those people working in there, they aren't there to hate gay people.  They're just working and trying to give people the food the want in a pleasant place.  The people eating there, are eating there because they are hungry and like the food.  There's no insidious plot at work here.

The people who are saying the store is supporting hate are pricks, plain and simple.  Its not hate to have a different opinion on something.  Until the restaurant chain alters its corporate policy to cater any and all events calling to harm against a group of people free of charge, they are not supporting hate.

Now, for you boycotters.  If you are not going to go to those restaurants anymore because you don't feel comfortable eating there now, that's your right.  You're being really silly, but that's your right.  If you're one of those goons up in arms calling for the store to be run out of your town because the CEO has a differing opinion than yours, well I guess you're an example of why we really aren't as accepting of diversity as we like to think.  Somebody's prejudiced around here, and its not looking like Dan Cathy.

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