Good-Bye, Gloria.

Hey Gang.  Its Friday, May 11, 2012, I'm pretty tired of writing about certain subjects and this is The Side.  This hasn't been a terribly fun couple of weeks.  Sure, I've gotten to nerd out big time last weekend, but that seems like a vacation from the crap-fest that has been going on.  Let's face it, when you've written memorial pieces two times in as many weeks, things are kinda sucking.

If you've been reading this regularly, you might recall that the Missus has been in Kansas helping her ailing mother, and the family.  My mother-in-law took a turn for the worse and passed away just after midnight Wednesday morning.  She was an interesting lady who always seemed to be on the move.  She reminded me of my aunt and late uncle in that regard.  She doted over her grandkids.  She was very good with a pair of scissors and really knew a lot about taking care of hair.  She did my haircut when I donated my hair to Locks of Love years ago.  We were at odds over little things here and there, but all and all I did like her.

She appreciated my mischievous side and got good laughs at some of my antics.  Which brings me to one of my favorite memories of here.  It was right after the girls were born and being premature by a good two months they were still in the hospital.  This involved daily trips up there to see them.  Gloria came over from Kansas to give us a hand as I was working, and the Missus was recovering still.  We headed up to see the little ones, and chatted as I drove us.

This area is really weird in that we've got the PETA national headquarters, and CBN inside of a half an hour of each other travel wise.  Gloria told us that she couldn't stand Pat Robertson.  She was a Christian, but there's plenty of Christians that don't like that old kook.  We had our fun driving along and making fun of how ol' Pat prayed away a hurricane years before and such.  We then stopped in and spent some time with the girls.

Afterwards, Gloria treated us to lunch at Panera Bread.  That's not a place I typically eat, but it was nice so no complaints.  We stood in line to place out order, and then I spotted him.  The man himself.  Dressed in a blue and gold track suit, with the collar pulled up and hat on, but there was no hiding it.

It was Pat Robertson.

My mind whirled.  What were the freaking odds?

So of course I had to bring this to Gloria's attention and I kept encouraging to go up to him and tell him off.  Failing that I tried to get her to get him to bless our lunches for us.  She couldn't help but giggle even though she probably had the urge to smack me upside my fool head.  Unfortunately, there was no Gloria/Pat confrontation.  My money would have been on her, of course.

I'm glad that things weren't more drawn out there at the end and her suffering was relatively brief.  Definitely been rough for the whole family.  She's in a better place now, and that's a big consolation.

I'm holding off on my comic reviews until Sunday.  See y'all then.

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