Ticked at the Big Two?

Rats! Its Friday, October 28, 2011, I missed the great Pumpkin last night, and this is The Side. And i heard this was the one with the alternate ending where the great Pumpkin actually shows us and take Linus as his disciple and they go around the neighborhood to punish all the children that didn't believe.

Lucy didn't meet a pretty end.


Boy howdy, there's some stuff going down with the big two right now, and its not very good for either of them.

DC Comics are disappearing from the shelves at Barnes and Nobles and not because people are buying them. The deal with Amazon that left B&N out in the digital cold has them taking the books off the shelves. I stopped in briefly at one of the local stores. They still had some trades. One thing that was pretty noticeable is that the monthly floppies were mostly stuff from before the reboot. I saw one copy of a reboot book and that was it. Yikes. Not good for a company looking to really push their new material.

Don't expect there to be a DC shaped hole on the shelves though. B&N have struck a deal was 2000AD, so we'll be seeing some interesting stuff on the shelves fairly soon. This is also good news for local comic shops as the new car smell of the DC relaunch is still giving many stores a sales bump and they no longer have to worry about competition from the country's top bookstore chain.

DC isn't the only company facing a bit of ire. There's another Marvel Boycott but this time its about the recent company layoffs. It seems that some people don't remember back when Marvel declaring bankruptcy was pretty much an annual event. Them getting bought out by Disney means they have more financial stability, but that doesn't mean they have access to Scrooge McDuck's money bin and can do whatever they want. They are still a company and still have to turn a profit. The economy is currently in rough shape. Marvel is still based in New York which taxes folks and companies pretty heavily. They're having to do what they have to to maintain their company and sometimes that means laying people off. Its a shame, but that's reality.

What's really stupid is people boycotting because of it thinking that this will make them turn around and hire everyone back. Now, if you are truly uncomfortable buying their books then you shouldn't buy them. The thing is, Marvel is doing what they have to because they have a cost to deal with. So if they are denied revenue due to an extended boycott that's just going to lead to more layoffs. This is the second proposed boycott of marvel this year. I guess the whole "Fear Itself" event was inspired by people scared fans will make them lose their jobs.


Time for a little bump and grind music.

That's it for me guys. Have a good weekend, and we'll see y'all Sunday.

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