Buffy Gives Me Mojo

Fire bad. Tree pretty. Its Friday, September 16, 2011, the w00tness is upon me, and this is The Side. Its hard to turn things around sometimes. It could be a change of events, or just your attitude. When you're bummed out it can be pretty tough to feel like you've gotten your Mojo back. Got a buddy of mine who makes YouTube videos. He hasn't made one in a while, and I asked him if everything was alright. Things seem fine, but he aid he's lost his Mojo.

Getting your Mojo is really tough. You're out of your groove. You feel lousy about it. It can lead to things just not going right. It can easily spiral into feeling depressed. I'm not talking the clinical kind, but a real funk, and because of that funk its even harder to get you Mojo back. It might not even be entirely on you. You may have gotten some news, or found something out that threw you out of balance.

Best thing to do is to start small. Just do something that you can handle, even if its inconsequential like cleaning your place up. Accomplish something that you can say, "Hey, got it done and it looks good." It gives you a feeling of pride, even if its small. Repeat as necessary until you're ready to get bigger stuff done.

I was having the same problem this week. Tuesday, I was pretty much all done mentally and emotionally. I still had to work though, so I focused on that. Mistakes at work were part of the problem, so I focused on doing the best I could at work. It wasn't great. I wasn't perfect. Still, I didn't royally screw up. Next day, worked hard and made stuff happen. Yesterday, more of the same and ran a good karate class.

Today, I'm sore as all hell physically, but mentally and emotionally, I feel pretty damn good. I've got my Mojo workin', and am ready to roll.

So let's roll with a comic review.


Its a Sarah Michelle Gellar kinda week as on the heel of the very cool RINGER debut, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON NINE #1 hits the stands. I won't lie, I wasn't thrilled with how Season Eight wrapped up, but ANGEL AND FAITH #1 was pretty good so I figured I'd give this a shot. I wasn't disappointed as Joss Whedon and Georges Jeanty give us the return of... wait for it... Drunk Buffy. She didn't turn into a cave person this time, but Buffy Summers just can't hold her booze. No monster killing this issue, but we do catch up with the cast following the events of Season Eight as the issue splits between flashbacks of a Party at Buffy's new apartment and her dealing with one opponent that's truly her match: a vicious hangover. We do meet a couple of new cast members with Buffy's apartment-mates: Anaheed and Tumble. They both seem very nice, so I'm calling it now, I think one of them is possibly eeeeevil. Betting on Tumble with his not getting up off the couchness. There are a few things afoot that should play out something nasty down the road. Last season, Buffy severed Earth's connection to magic. There's still monsters and Slayers, but there will be no new Slayers, and magic users like Willow now have no juice. But there's some things that are being held by magic, and it looks like they're getting loose. I'm all in for this new season to see where it goes. This issue was a lot of fun, and the comic stopped being fun for a little while. Glad its back and glad its good.


It felt like a Foo Fighters kinda morning, so I'm going with it.

You guys have a good weekend. Hope your Mojo is workin' for you. See y'all Sunday.

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